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NEW YORK STYLE HAND TOSSED PIZZA( All of our pizzas are thin crust New York style hand tossed pizza)
Standard toppings: Pepperoni, Sausage, Mozzarella, Black Olives, Spinach,
Crushed Garlic with Olive Oil, Red Onion, Bell Peppers, Tomato, Pineapple, Ham
Mushrooms (Price Per Topping) Small $1.99 Large $2.49 XXLarge $2.99

Specialty Toppings: Roasted Reds, Jalapeno, Green Olives, Sun Dried Tomatoes,
Bacon, Meatballs, Chicken Breast, Pepperoncini, Prosciutto Ham, Salami
(Price Per Topping) Small $2.49 Large $2.99 XXLarge $3.49

(We Use 100% Mozzarella Cheese) (12 inch) (16 inch) (20 inch)
Small Large XXLarge
Cheese $13.79 $17.29 $21.29
Garlic Cheese; garlic olive oil, cheese, basil and spices $14.29 $18.29 $22.29
One Topping:red sauce, cheese and one standard topping$15.29 $19.29 $23.29
Two Topping: two standard toppings $16.29 $20.29 $23.79
Three Topping: three standard toppings $17.29 $21.29 $24.29
Meat Lovers: red sauce, cheese, pepperoni, sausage, ham$17.29 $21.29 $25.29
Hawaiian: red sauce, cheese, ham and pineapple $16.29 $20.29 $23.79
Veggie: red sauce, cheese, black olives, red onions,
mushrooms and bell peppers $17.29 $21.29 $25.29

Garlic Bianca: crushed garlic olive oil, tomato, cheese,
fresh basil, and spices $15.29 $19.29 $23.29
Florentine: red sauce, cheese, spinach, sun dried tomato,
mushrooms, red onion, crushed garlic olive oil $17.29 $21.29 $25.29
Chicken Marinado: crushed garlic olive oil, marinated
chicken breast, cheese, tomato, basil, spices $17.29 $21.29 $25.29
Chicken Bacon Marinado: crushed garlic olive oil, marinated
chicken breast, bacon, cheese, tomato, basil, spices $18.29 $22.29 $26.29
The Italian: red sauce, cheese, italian sausage, ham, onion, bell peppers,
roasted red peppers, basil, crushed garlic olive oil $18.29 $22.29 $26.29
Carnivore: red sauce, meatball, pepperoni, sausage $18.29 $22.29 $26.29
Barbeque chicken: bbq sauce, cheese, marinated chicken
breast, red onion $18.29 $22.29 $26.29
Chicken Bacon Ranch: ranch dressing, marinated chicken breast,
whole strips of bacon, cheese $18.29 $22.29 $26.29
Philly Cheese: white sauce, roast beef, bell peppers, $18.29 $22.29 $26.29
onion, provolone and mozzarella

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